Merge Many Series to Create a Dataframe

In this thread, we will discuss various techniques for merging or combining multiple series simultaneously to create a DataFrame. If you are new to the concept of series, you can refer to the Building Pandas series with several datatypes thread. A DataFrame is a two-dimensional labeled data structure that comprises columns with potentially varying data types. It resembles a spreadsheet or SQL table, where each column can hold different data types such as integers, floats, strings, etc., and each row represents an observation or record.

There are a few techniques through which you can combine many series into a single data frame, here are some of them:

1. Using "pd.concat()" function:

The pd.concat() function is useful for concatenating or joining two or more Pandas objects along a particular axis. You can specify:

  1. axis = 0 or axis = index to concatenate objects row-wise.
  2. axis = 1 or axis = column to concatenate objects column-wise.

The sample code below concatenates 3 different series column-wise.

Note: After the series are joined in the data frame, they are named by themselves as 0, 1, and 2 respectively.

2. Using "pd.DataFrame()" constructor:

  • The pd.DataFrame() is a function that creates a new DataFrame object and can take various inputs, including lists, arrays, dictionaries, etc.
  • In the example code below, 3 series are passed enclosed in a list to this function to create a DataFrame but you can pass as many as you want.

Note: Remember that with this method, the series are combined row-wise and not column-wise.

3. Passing a dictionary to "pd.DataFrame()" function:

  • Since pd.DataFrame() can also take a dictionary as an argument to create a DataFrame, in this method we created a dictionary with values as the series and keys as the names of the columns we want and passed it to this function.
  • The biggest advantage of this technique is that it joins the series column-wise and you can rename each column as you like by specifying keys in the dictionary.
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