What is the process for building Cartesian Products using Python?

Hey, I was doing my school assignment and my teacher has given us a question to build all possible cartesian products and gave us two huge sets, and I wanted to verify using a code snippet if my answer is right or wrong, can anyone provide me with code?

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Sure @safiaa.02, here is a method that uses the np.meshgrid() function to find the cartesian product of two sample arrays:

  • The np.meshgrid() function creates a 2D grid of all possible combinations of the elements in the two input 1D arrays.
  • The np.stack() function is then used to stack the flattened versions of the two 2D arrays A and B into a single 2D array cartesian_product. The axis=1 argument specifies that the arrays should be stacked horizontally.
  • The resulting cartesian_product array has n x 2 dimensions, where n is the total number of elements in the input arrays, and each row contains one pair of elements representing all possible combinations of the elements in a and b.