Are there any other different approaches on applying logarithmic functions on a 2D NumPy array?

I was exploring the NumPy library and found out about these functionalities in NumPy using which we can yield the logarithmic value of any number.

I am curious to know if there are any other ways to yield out the same result but with a different function, can anyone list down a few?

Yes, you can achieve the desired results using the NumPy np.vectorize method in conjunction with a lambda function. The code snippet below demonstrates the implementation of this method.

  • In the above example we import the NumPy library with the alias np.
  • Initializes a NumPy array arr.
  • Defines a logarithm base 10 function using a lambda function and the np.vectorize function.
  • Applies the vectorized logarithmic function to the arr array.
  • Then finally prints the resulting array after applying the logarithmic function.