Avoid these common mistakes when working with Matplotlib library in Python

When working with the Matplotlib library in Python for plotting data, there are several common mistakes that users make. Here are the examples of some of those mistakes:

1. Not labeling the plot:

Neglecting to label the axes and giving the plot a title can make the plot less informative and make it difficult for the viewers to understand the data being represented. To counter this mistake, you should always label your plot axes and give an informative name for your plot, here is an example:

2. Not handling missing data:

Ignoring or mishandling missing data can lead to inaccurate or misleading plots. Therefore, it is important to handle missing values appropriately before creating visualizations.

3. Not displaying the plot after creating it:

Another common mistake that individuals make is forgetting to use the plt.show() function after creating their plots, this simply causes their plots to not show up on output. To address this common mistake, always use the plt.show() function after the plots you create.