Choosing Right tool for visualization

We are planning to do some visualization for our existing data. It’s a political and news domain.

My requirement is the tool should be able to give dynamically, since it is web based visualization (Visualization should be able to change upon change in value)

Is there any other tool which I can use in R for dynamic visuals? (My application is in php)

There is a package called shiny which has nice integration with RStudio. I haven’t personally used it but it seems to be a popular option for making dashboards.

Another package is Plotly which can create interactive javascript based visualizations so embedding them into a webpage is very simple. For realtime dynamic visualizations Plotly has a framework called Dash but as far as I know it is officially (:wink: ) only supported for Python.

In addition to the packages that @Rabeez mentioned you can also look into Rook