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In this post, we will introduce three areas of machine learning and then share a drag-and-drop quiz for you to attempt.

The quiz below was made to help you test your knowledge of supervised ML, unsupervised ML, and reinforcement learning while understanding which machine learning techniques fall under these categories. Give it a try or even embed it into your own webpage!

Supervised Machine Learning

In supervised machine learning models, we give the supervised model a dataset with the answers (labels) so that it can learn how to predict the label(s) for other examples where the labels are unknown.

Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning, on the other hand, is not trained with the answer. Instead, an agent is either penalized or rewarded for interacting with the environment. It learns from previous attempts and tries to maximize the reward with each attempt.

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Unsupervised machine learning algorithms find hidden structures between the attributes (features) when the given dataset does not include labels. This is different from supervised learning, in that, we don't tell the model what it needs to learn.

Quiz Yourself!

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