How can a standard array be transformed into a record array?

Could someone provide insights into the concept of converting a standard array into “record arrays”? I am seeking clarification on what record arrays are and how to implement this concept using code. Are there specific NumPy functions designed for the direct conversion of regular arrays into record arrays?

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Hello @safiaa.02, a record array is a structured array where each element can have a different data type and can be accessed by its label or name, rather than its index. To convert a normal NumPy array into a record array, you can use the np.rec.array() function. Here’s an example code that shows the process:

The code creates a NumPy array with specified data types and then converts it into a record array using np.rec.array(). The resulting record array has the same data as the original array but is structured and can be used to create structured datasets or tables.

I hope this will be helpful for you!

Another method for converting a NumPy array into a record array is through the np.core.records.fromrecords() method. Below is an example code illustrating the usage of this NumPy method

The provided code utilizes NumPy to create an array with specified data types. Following this, it employs the np.core.records.fromrecords() method to convert the array into a record array.