How can I use NumPy to find the 'n' largest values?

Can anyone list down different methods to find the ‘nth’ largest values using NumPy only? I wanted to implement this functionality in my code assignment but I am facing an issue to implement this using NumPy, the only method I do know of is how to extract the ‘nth’ largest value using a Python for loop (pasting below for reference), which is not efficient at all.

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Hello @safiaa.02, if you want to find the n largest values in a NumPy array using NumPy, you can use the np.sort() function along with array slicing. Here is an example code that finds the 3 largest values in an array:

  • The np.sort() function sorts the array in ascending order by default.
  • To get the largest values, the code reverses the sorted array using the [::-1] slicing syntax.
  • Finally, the first n elements of the reversed array are selected to get the n largest values.

I hope this code helps!