How can one convert a regular array into a record array?

I came across the concept of converting a regular array into something called ‘record arrays’. Can anyone educate me on this, what are basically record arrays and how can I implement this concept using code? Any specific NumPy functions which directly convert them into record arrays?

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Hello @safiaa.02, a record array is a structured array where each element can have a different data type and can be accessed by its label or name, rather than its index. To convert a normal NumPy array into a record array, you can use the np.rec.array() function. Here’s an example code that shows the process:

The code creates a NumPy array with specified data types, and then converts it into a record array using np.rec.array(). The resulting record array has the same data as the original array but is structured and can be used to create structured datasets or tables.

I hope this will be helpful for you!