How can we compute the sum of element-wise product using NumPy?

Hey, I was performing a class homework activity assigned to me and it was to use exclusively NumPy functions to achieve this functionality:

 A = A1*A2*A3 + A4*A5*A6 + A7*A8*A9

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

I am attaching below a code that might help you with this:

  • In this code, two arrays M and V of different shapes are created using the np.ones() function.
  • Then the dot() function performs matrix multiplication between these two arrays. Since V has shape (p, n, 1), the result of the dot product will be a 3D array of shape (p, n, 1).
  • The squeeze() function is used to remove the extra dimension of size 1 from the result of the dot product and the sum() function is used to compute the sum of all elements in S along the first dimension.
  • The output of this code is a 2D array of shape (n, p), with all elements set to the value p * n.