How can you assign a name to the index of a Pandas Series in Python?

I was exploring ways to give a name to the index of a series object and came across a method that uses the name attribute of the series index to change its name. Here is the code I found:

I encountered this issue while working on a project where I needed to assign a name to a series index. Although the above method works fine, I am curious to know if there are any alternative techniques to achieve this. Could you please provide me with more methods and techniques?

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Yes, there are alternate methods of doing this, one of them is by using the rename_axis() method, which can change the name of the axis labels of a Pandas dataframe or series. The method can be applied to:

  1. Row Index, which is specified using axis = 0 or axis = "index" argument.
  2. Column Index, which is specified using axis = 1 or axis = "column" argument.

Row Index is the default value specified in this method and we don’t have to explicitly define it, so don’t get confused if the axis argument is missing in the sample code below.

Note: Specifying inplace = True ensures that the changes will be made to the original defined series and it’ll not create a new copy of it.