How to convert Dataframe columns into row or vice versa in Python using Pandas?

Hello everyone, I have a dataframe in Python that seems to be in the wrong format and I want it to be in a different format for my task. For example, I am showing a part of the dataframe below:

location	 product	  sales_Jan_2023	sales_Feb_2023	sales_March_2023
USA	         Apple	      1000	            1200	        900
USA	         Samsung      800	            1000	        1200
Canada	     Apple	      700	            500	            900
Canada	     Samsung	  1100	            900	            1200

I don’t want to analyze each month separately, instead, I want to analyze them together, and I want these columns to somehow be converted into rows so that each row corresponds to a sale of the product and in this way, I can analyze all sales simultaneously. If anyone knows how to do this, please provide some methods using example codes.