How to create a pie chart using different Python libraries?

Hello everyone, I was exploring my dataset and found the need to create a pie chart visualization, I have never created this visualization before in Python and I am unsure if this is even available in Python or not. If it is available in Python, can anyone help me by providing some example codes for creating this chart, I would appreciate it.

Hey @mubashir_rizvi , by using “Matplotlib” library this can be done. Matplotlib is a widely used data visualization library that offers a range of customization options (such as colors, labels, fonts, and other visual elements) for creating different types of charts and graphs.

In this method, the pie() function is used to create the pie chart. The first argument specifies the size of each slice which corresponds to counts of flowers and the labels parameter specifies the labels for each slice which in our case are the flower names. The autopct parameter specifies the format to display the counts in the form of percentages. The startangle parameter is measured in degrees and specifies the starting position of the first slice.