How to filter words with at least 2 vowels in a Pandas Series using Python?

Hello everyone, I was recently learning about text processing and how I can do that in Python using Pandas and although I have done some tasks successfully, I am facing difficulty in filtering words from a Pandas series with at least 2 vowels in it. I am not sure how to efficiently tackle this problem, if anyone could provide me with different techniques and code snippets for doing this, it would help me greatly.

@mubashir_rizvi, you can achieve this by using a boolean array. For this purpose, we create a boolean array by counting the number of vowels in each word, and if it is at least 2, then we return a True for that word. The array is then used as a mask to filter words from the series where the value is True. Let’s see the example given below for a better understanding:

Hi @mubashir_rizvi Why not use Python’s count() method, which can be used with a list comprehension to count the number of vowels for each word and place the word in the list if the count is at least 2.

We can define a custom function that returns a boolean value for each word indicating if it has at least 2 vowels. By using the apply() method on the series and passing this function as an argument, we can create a new series with True/False values. After that, we can use the dropna() method to drop all values where the condition was not met. Here is the code below for your better understanding: