How to find minimum and maximum value of array?

My goal is to find the maximum and minimum values of an array. My teacher told me about NumPy’s amin and amax methods and give me the code below:

I’m confused about the difference between Numpy’s min and amin() functions. Do they help us find the minimum value of the array? and same for max and amax(). Can you provide me with solutions that help me in determining the minimum and maximum values?

Hello @safa, the numpy.amin() function is similar to numpy.min() function, but it always returns a scalar value by computing the minimum value over the entire input array, regardless of the axis parameter. In short, the key difference between numpy.min() and numpy.amin() is that numpy.min() returns the minimum value along a specified axis, while numpy.amin() returns the minimum value over the entire array. The same is true for numpy.max() and numpy.amax().

Note: axis is the parameter by which you can specify which dimension in the array you want the minimum or maximum from.

I hope this helps clear your confusion!