How to import Pandas and check its version in Python?

I am new to working with libraries in Python and I am starting with Pandas library. I installed it using a command I got from the web but I was curious about how I can check and confirm the version of Pandas currently installed in my Python environment. I found out about the following method when searching for this query:

It works fine but I have to write the keyword pandas before every attribute and function which feels inefficient, is there a more efficient way of importing this library? And are there more alternate methods to find the version? Also, can anyone briefly tell me some of the advantages of using Pandas nowadays?


You can use an alias to import libraries which will avoid the use of complete keywords like pandas before every function and attribute, here is how you can do that:

Also, I’ve provided an alternative method to check the version, this method allows you to check the version of pandas and all of its dependencies.

Here are some advantages to using Pandas:

  1. It is a Python library that is widely used for data manipulation and analysis
  2. Provides data structures for efficiently storing and manipulating large data sets
  3. Provides the ability to clean, reshape and analyze data
  4. Easy to use and versatile, so it is popular among data scientists, analysts, and engineers

You have the option of using the “from” keyword to import libraries, which allows you to skip specifying the library name or its alias every time you use a function or attribute from the library. This can make your code more concise and easier to read.

Hey @mubashir_rizvi , apart from all above methods, If you want, you can also check the version outside of the Python environment by using command prompt and the following command:

pip show pandas