How to initialize or create a list in Python?

Hello everyone, as a newcomer to Python, I have been learning about its data structures in a course, and I recently discovered lists. I learned that you can create a list by enclosing values in square brackets like this:

lst1 = [ ]                  # an empty list
lst2 = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]      # a list with 5 integers

However, I am wondering if there are any other methods or techniques for creating and initializing lists. If there are other methods available, could you please provide them below using example codes? Thank you.

Hey @mubashir_rizvi, you can use this approach for initializing or creating a list in Python.

This Python code creates two lists: lst1 with 5 zeros and lst2 with 5 zeros followed by 5 ones. lst1 is created by multiplying 0 with 5, and lst2 is created by concatenating two lists created by multiplying 0 and 1 with 5 each. The two lists are printed using the print function with formatted strings.

Hello @mubashir_rizvi, one way to initialize a list is using the Python list() class constructor.

The code creates two lists using the list() constructor. The first list (lst1) is an empty list, while the second list (lst2) contains integers from 1 to 5. The code then prints both lists using the print() function. This method might be useful in cases where you need to convert other iterable types (e.g., tuples, strings) to a list.