How to swap rows in a DataFrame?

I am having difficulty swapping two rows within a Pandas DataFrame and have not found a satisfactory solution yet. Although I have attempted using the loc function, I am looking for alternative methods to swap rows efficiently. If you have any recommendations or insights to offer, please share them with me.

  • This method involves using the loc method to select the rows to be swapped and then swapping their positions using tuple unpacking.

  • To swap the first and second rows, I use the loc method to select the rows by their labels (0 and 1) and assign them to a reversed copy of themselves using the .values attribute. This effectively swaps the two rows in place.

  • The syntax for selecting rows using loc is df.loc[label], where label can be a single label or a list of labels.

There is an easy alternative for this task, instead of using loc, you can use the iloc indexer to do the same thing. Here is an example code for it:

Remember that iloc works on integer-based positions of the rows and this technique can be useful if you want to manipulate your data with respect to their integer positions and not with respect to their labels.