Power BI for R Visualizations

Originally published at: https://tutorials.datasciencedojo.com/r-visuals-microsoft-power-bi/

Microsoft’s Power BI is a powerful technology for quickly creating rich r visualizations. Power BI has many practical uses for the modern data professional including executive dashboards, operational dashboards, and visualizations for data exploration/analysis.

Microsoft has also extended Power BI with support for incorporating R visualizations into Power BI projects, enabling a myriad of data visualization use cases across all industries and circumstances. As such, this is an extremely valuable tool for any Data Analyst, Product/Program Manager, or Data Scientist to have in their tool belt.

In this Intro to R Visualizations video tutorial, presenter Dave Langer will provide a hands-on introduction to using R visualizations within Power BI using Microsoft’s free Power BI Desktop software. Both Power BI project and .CSV data files will be accessible via GitHub prior to the Meetup presentation.

Overview of Power BI and where it fits in a data professional’s tool belt.

· Understanding the nuances of how Power BI integrates with R, including necessary data preprocessing.

· A brief introduction to the R ggplot2 visualization package.

· Incorporating R visualizations into Power BI projects.

· Making R visualizations dynamic by responding to UX controls.

Get the accompanying material here