Ruby development in 2019

Ruby is a modern, fast-developing programming language. There are many areas for its use. Developers prefer this language because it is flexible and eloquent for development. With Ruby, you can solve the same problem in many ways. This language combines Perl-like syntax with an object-oriented approach. Cross-platform implementation of the Ruby language interpreter is distributed under the terms of open source software. The language tends to gain and lose its popularity, and therefore the question “Is Ruby is a good technology choice in 2019?” is very relevant. We found out an answer, considering the main advantages of Ruby.

Ruby Benefits

Popularity as an Indicator of Reliability

Cross-platform implementation of the Ruby language interpreter is distributed under the terms of open source software. Code written in Ruby can be comprehensive even to a person who does not understand programming. Using this language, web applications and websites such as Blinksale, Twitter, Shopify, Basecamp, GitHub, Kickstarter, and Airbnb were created. Many of the largest Internet companies use Ruby to build a professional website: Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, AOL - they all have projects on Ruby. Companies tend to hire Ruby developers for better efficiency and productivity of their projects.

Numerous and Quality Community

The Ruby web developer community is constantly growing, evolving and always ready to help. You can always find a more experienced developer who can explain to you the best way to solve a problem or share experience in any matter. Very important are the standards of the development process, which have long been approved. In the Ruby community, there are rules that are being developed, which greatly simplifies the work. Even a new developer in the team will quickly understand the process flow and from the first days of work, he or she will be useful. If the project was started by one team, and the other one ends - this is also not a problem at all. The new team will quickly and without difficulty get into the project and successfully complete it without any loss of time.

Also, there are a large number of a variety of ready-made solutions in the open source for Ruby. The existence of developed systems reduces the need for development from scratch and building a website. These can be systems for commenting, authorization, payment, or sending emails.

Ruby Development Speed

One of the advantages of Ruby and the RoR framework is the speed of development. Solving problems in Ruby is one and a half times faster than other languages of this kind. Ruby is very simple as a tool, and there are a huge number of ready-made solutions for various kinds of tasks.

High Level of Data Protection

Ruby developers took the issue of data protection very seriously. Ruby initially contains encryption of passwords, credit card data and other personal data of the user, and SQL injection and XSS attacks are also excluded. All input parameters are escaped by default.

First Testing, Then Writing Code

Often in the process of developing large projects, there is a question about testing because it often happens that there are no additional funds for a separate team of testers. Ruby has a solution to this problem. If you compare Ruby with other languages ​​in the context of testing an application, then you will find a lot of ready-made solutions for any type of test, whether it is an integrating or unit. No code is written in a Ruby language until tests are written for it. Usually Ruby implies usage of BDD (Behavior Driven Development) or TDD (Test Driven Development) methods.

What Does Make Ruby Development Special?

The language is exquisite and stunning. When Ruby first appeared, it became the discovery and achievement of design art. For its creating the best practices were taken into account. Ruby guides you on the path to writing excellent code, even if you don’t know how to do it.

The last important reason for the high popularity of Ruby among startups is that it is perfect for fast prototyping. In just a few hours you can come up with it, create and run the Ruby application you need. There are actually very few other languages ​​that could handle it.

Is Ruby a Good Technology Choice in 2019?

Ruby is listed in the top of the best web development languages​​ according to GitHub statistics for 2018 and in the near future, it is unlikely that this language will lose its position.

Thanks to its intuitive, simple and readable syntax (which make its productivity higher), Ruby is perfect for startups and any companies that would like to deliver (and expand) software products and business website as quickly as possible. Faster development means greater savings, and this is important for startups with a limited budget. Thanks to this, more money can be invested in the development of additional functionality, in marketing, etc.

Even in 2019, Ruby is an excellent choice for development needs. It is an applicable language, still attracting many developers.

Ruby Developer Skills

Good Ruby developer needed in every modern IT company.

Important skills for a Ruby developer are:

· Ruby On Rails


· CSS3

· JQuery

· Knowledge in Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, KnockoutJS

· Work with Heroku tools: PubNub, Cloudinary, Mailtrap, Mandrill, Postgres

According to PayScale average Ruby developer salary in Ukraine is $73,840. In the USA is $124,337, in Germany – $48,087 and in the UK – £50,958.

Bottom Line

Ruby is a language that allows you to work without much of the inconvenience that comes with strongly typed languages. It's easy to get started mobile or web app development with Ruby, especially if you already have experience developing in other programming languages, and you can quickly build prototypes with Ruby on Rails. Ruby is concise and makes the code understandable for beginners.

One of the main reasons why this language should be used in 2019 is its performance. Working with Ruby you can create new applications without writing a lot of code and hacks, which will make your work in 2019 convenient and efficient.

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