Visualizing GeoSpatial Data in Python

I have the Chicago Crimes Dataset from the UCI repository. The data contains a geojson file which contains the geospatial data for the city. Moreover, latitude and longitude data is also available. I want to find the best visualization library in python for this kind of data and something that is easy to code.
Can someone help me out in this?

Folium offers the best visualization tools for geospatial data.
Folium can be installed using pip
$ pip install folium

import folium
facility_map = r'../input/facility_map.geojson'  #link to the relevant geojson file

map = folium.Map(
    location=[47.538305, -121.208718],  #enter your preferred latitude/longitude points where map will be centered
    tiles='Mapbox Bright',

map     #view map

This link provides more simplified examples from folium’s documentation