Web Scraping in R: Creating your automated script

Originally published at: https://tutorials.datasciencedojo.com/r-tutorial-web-scraping-script/

R tutorial: In this video tutorial you will learn how to write standard web scraping commands in R, filter timely data based on time diffs, analyze or summarize key information in the text, and send an email alert of the results of your analysis.

Packages used:
rvest – for downloading website data
lubridate – for cleaning, converting date-time data
stringr – for cleaning text in r
LSAfun – for ranking/summarizing the text

Recommended for medium level R users. See our Introduction to R to get up-to-speed with basic R commands:

The R full script for this video tutorial can be accessed here

To see an example of web scraping timely political news events and commentary from Reddit, check out Data Science Dojo’s blog tutorial on KDnuggets: https://www.kdnuggets.com/2018/12/automated-web-scraping-r.html

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