What are the methods for extracting the diagonal of a dot product?

I came across this piece of code, which is an efficient and fast way to yield my desired result. However, I am interested in exploring alternative solutions. Can anyone provide me with relevant options?

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Hello @safiaa.02, I know another efficient method to accomplish this task, which involves using the np.matmul() function of NumPy to perform matrix multiplication, and then using the np.diag() function to extract the diagonal elements of the resulting matrix. Here is an example code that demonstrates this technique:

This method is particularly useful when you need to multiply large matrices, as it avoids the overhead of looping over each element of the matrix. Instead, it performs the multiplication in a more efficient way, resulting in faster computation times.

You can use indexing to extract the diagonal elements of a matrix. The example code performs matrix multiplication between two matrices A and B using the np.dot() function.

  • np.dot() function extracts the diagonal elements of the resulting matrix C using indexing. The diagonal elements are the elements of the matrix where the row and column indices are the same, and they are returned as a 1D array.