What is the best visualization for displaying quantities of different categories in a dataset?

I have a dataset with different types of fruits and their corresponding quantities. I attempted to visualize this data using a line plot, as shown in the code below. However, I’m unsure if a line plot is the best choice for this type of data representation. Could you review the code and let me know if this is the most suitable plot, or if there’s a better option?

I appreciate your guidance in selecting the most effective visualization method for this data.

Thank you for sharing your code! While a line plot can be useful for showing trends over time or continuous data, a bar chart might be a more appropriate choice for visualizing quantities of different fruit types. A bar chart allows you to compare quantities across discrete categories more effectively. Here’s how you can create a bar chart to represent your fruit quantities:

This bar chart will provide a clearer comparison of quantities between different fruit types.

Thanks for providing your code! Although a line plot is effective in depicting trends, it might not be the most optimal selection for illustrating varying quantities of different types of fruits. Nevertheless, if your intention is to highlight the proportion of each fruit type, a pie chart might be more appropriate. Here’s a guide on crafting a pie chart to visually represent the proportions within your fruit quantities: