What is the most frequent value in a NumPy array and how can it be found?

I came across the term “Finding the most frequent value” coined in several Jupyter notebooks related to Data Science, and I was completely confused about what it meant. Can anyone provide a brief description of its meaning and also give any simple code to explain the term in itself?

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Hello @safiaa.02, the most frequent value in a dataset refers to the value that occurs most frequently or a value that is repeated the most number of times. To find the most frequent value in a NumPy array, you can use the Counter class from the collections module, as shown in the following example code:

  • The Counter class counts the frequency of each element in the array and returns a list of tuples that contain the most frequent value and its count.
  • The advantage of using this code is that it can be applied to any iterable containing hashable elements. The example code uses a NumPy array, but a Python list, tuple, or set can also be used.