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Data Science Dojo is sponsoring Kaggle Days Tokyo, and I feel compelled to continue the conversation about what Kaggle Days are and cover the agenda for the Tokyo event.

A Brief Overview

Kaggle is an online learning platform for data science and machine learning. The educator uses competitions to help its users (called Kaggelers) practice and grow their data science skillset with publicly available datasets.

Kaggle Days are events that take place around the world. They started out as a partnership between LogicAI and Kaggle as a way to bring Kaggelers together for an offline event. Competitions, seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities are available for Kaggelers to participate in. These events take place as one-off local events (Meetups) as well as multiday global events (conferences).

Kaggle Days Tokyo - Agenda

The global event in Tokyo is taking place this December 11-12. Registration closed within a matter of days of opening, which shows the amount of popularity these events have among its participants. The agenda is jam-packed with exciting talks from Kaggle Grandmasters to data science professionals and I'd like to highlight a few.

Raja Iqbal - Tutorial on Model Validation and Parameter Tuning

Raja Iqbal is the CEO, Chief Data Scientist, and Lead Instructor at Data Science Dojo. He has a MS from Stanford and PhD from Tulane University. He spent more than 6 years at Microsoft Bing and Bing ads working on various data science and machine learning research projects. Below is a description, given by Raja, of his workshop:

"Cross validation is a popular technique for model validation and parameter tuning. In this tutorial we will discuss other model validation and parameter techniques in scenarios where k-fold cross validation may not be the best choice. We will also discuss some parametric and non-parametric statistical tests for comparing models."

Why should you attend?

Modern machine learning is about gathering the right data, feature engineering, validation, and parameter tuning. Not understanding the concepts or using the techniques correctly renders machine learning useless.

Date: 12/11/19 Time: 10:15 am - 11:45 am Location: 27F Hanabi Room

GM Jin Zhan - My Jouney to to Grandmaster: Success and Failure

Becoming a Kaggle Grandmaster (GM) is no small accomplishment. It takes years of practice to obtain this impressive title. Jin Zhan has multiple years of experience in data science and machine learning, as well as Hadoop. Currently, Zhan is a data scientist at Fast Retailing, where he focuses on deman forecasting, recommender systems, and customer comment analysis.

Why should you attend?

The original reason I chose this out of the bunch was because Jin is going to talk about his failures before becoming a grandmaster. Talking about our failures is often difficult, but we can learn more from them than our success. After (admittedly) combing through his LinkedIn profile, I found Zhan to be the perfect picture of success on Kaggle. His experience doesn't come from one place and his education comes from multiple sources. Besides, Zhan's a Grandmaster. What other reason to attend do you need?

Date: 12/11/19 Time: 4:35 pm - 4:45 pm Location: 27F Matsuri Room


Date: 12/12/19 Time: 10:30 am - 6:30 pm

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