How can I use PolynomialFeatures in scikit-learn for feature interactions?

I’ve been working on a machine learning project, and I’m trying to incorporate polynomial features into my model using PolynomialFeatures. However, I’m a bit stuck on how to use it effectively to create feature interactions. Could you provide some guidance on how to implement PolynomialFeatures in Scikit-learn, along with some examples demonstrating its usage?

Absolutely! PolynomialFeatures in Scikit-learn is a powerful tool for creating feature interactions in machine learning models. Let’s look into the code for better understanding.

In this example, we initialize a PolynomialFeatures object with degree 2 and then transform the original features into polynomial features using the fit_transform method. The resulting polynomial features include not only the original features but also their interactions.

Note that the attribute of PolynomialFeatures here is set to (degree 2), but you can alter it to any degree (e.g., 3, 4) as per your use case. If you don’t specify any attribute, it will default to degree 2.